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CEO / Founder

Shah, has been a successful Global HR Executive for over 15 years, and has coached and built success stories amongst C-Suite, Professional level and College Graduating entry levels alike. In his long and exciting career, he has seen, recessions major economic meltdowns, multiple layoffs, fire drills, and big companies' rise and fall in corporate America. He soon realized, depending on one single source of income was not a wise decision for his or any families out there. This led him to search, discover, learn and master the art of Forex Trading, as a reliable and consistent source of income, without any location or growth constraints. He also realized the LOW / NO barrier to entry. All one needed was the Skill, Proper Guidance, and a strict set of disciplined best practices. The ProXFactor Group was born - Paired with his impeccable experience in Career Coaching and Talent Management, Shah and his team set off to help as many people as possible to liberate financially and socio-economically. 



Head of FX Education / FX Strategist 

Adib - a native New Yorker and student of Finance - very early in his career realized he was not passionate about the conventional workforce mindset. He had an insatiable passion and knack for Entrepreneurship, which eventually led to a serendipitous introduction to Forex Trading, during his Internship at Macquarie (Global Leader in Management Consultancy). 

Adib also was one of the first students and graduating Trader at ProXFactor Group, which eventually drove him to a permanent career move, in becoming a leader in the PXF Family.  Adib shares a very similar passion for teaching and developing talent, amongst others. He has - over a course of his Tenure with the PXF Family - nurtured and trained 100's of disciplined, profitable and career Forex Traders. 

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