The materials that are covered by their educators are simple and concise.  Straight to the point on explaining how the Foreign Market works.  Identifies price action in conjunction to their technical analysis.  Great team support and exposure to live trading.  Thank you PXF

-Badhon, Atlanta, GA.

PXF is one of the best Forex Mentorship Team.  The knowledge and skills of their professional traders are just amazing.  They make the subject of FX real easy to comprehend and they make sure that their students are implementing it accordingly.  Their live classes are the most effective part.  Thanks PXF for the amazing support!

-Arib Rezwan, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Unique set of individuals that go beyond their boundaries to make sure every student is on the same page.  Their 1:1s, live training and trading sessions has been most helpful.  They accommodate despite what time zone your are in. 

-Zahid, Denver, CO

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